Are the accounts limited to certain countries?

No, as we only list titles without any region lock. The accounts are registered on Argentina, but they can be used in any country.

What do I get specifically when I place an order in the store?

You receive credentials to access a Steam account with the game included in the library. You also receive the username and password of the email used to register the account, so that you can modify the account settings to your desire. In resume, you have full access to an account that has zero hours played.

How long does delivery take?

We have a maximum delivery time of 6 hours after receiving the payment

Can I unlock achievements and start a savegame with my own account?

This is true for most games except those that require external launchers, such as titles from Ubisoft or Rockstar. For games that support Family Sharing, this is possible after authorizing the account on the device where you are going to play. We have a «tutorial» with a step by step explanation on how to enable this feature.

Can I change the email and password of the account?

Of course, we give you full access to the account with the game preloaded so you can set-up it to your needs

What if i use a VPN to change my country?

To change your Steam region and benefit for lower prices it’s not enough with using a VPN because you previously need to make a purchase using a local payment method, otherwise Steam won’t allow to change the country.

How many times can I download a game?

You can download the game to your computer as many times as you want

What happens if I buy more than one game in a single order?

We won’t create an account for each game, but a single account that contains all the titles specified in the order

How do we make our prices so affordable?

On Steam, prices can vary significantly between different countries. Based on this, we started to sell Steam accounts with games purchased in Argentina, a country where their prices are currently very affordable thanks to their hugely devalued currency. You can verify this on sites like

Is there any risk when exchanging accounts?

Many people buy and sell Steam accounts with games without receiving bans. In practice, Steam only applies VAC bans for cheating in multiplayer games. Although the exchange isn’t allowed according to the terms of service, the truth is that they don’t actively enforce this policy.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use Paypal as an intermediary to process payments and build trust with our customers. You can pay with credit card if you don’t have an account (excluding e-checks). We also plan to incorporate Bitcoin in the near future.

Is it neccesary to register before placing an order?

Registration is not currently mandatory to purchase a game, however, user registration is open for those who wish to have a better management of their orders.