3 Unexpectedly Creepy Moments In Cutesy Games

Sometimes, you know what you’re getting. If you buy a Resident Evil or Silent Hill game, you expect horror. However, some games appear to be safe, family fun – but they’re hiding a nasty moment of unexpected creepiness. Here are six of our favourites…


Ah, the most controversial character in the Zelda series. Seen as a whimsical figure in Japan, the rest of the world just finds him creepy – the kind of creepy that lands people on registers. His most prominent appearance was in The Wind Waker, in which he forces his brothers (and a debt slave) to dress and act like him, refers to Link as Mr Fairy and is first met in jail.

Mario’s graphic drowning

Previously, Mario would just look shocked and drop off the screen when he died. We can deal with that. But then Super Mario 64 came along, and introduced the idea that Mario needed air. Watching our childhood hero struggle and grasp at his throat as the last oxygen leaves his lungs, before hanging limp and lifeless in the water… It’s all just a bit too real.

The Sonic CD hidden message

There’s a lot of secret stuff hidden in the sound test of Sonic CD, but we’re not sure why the hell this is here. We just know we want it off our screens now.

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